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Find The Right Solicitor In Devon

Find The Right Solicitor In Devon

If you need to find a good solicitor in Devon, it can seem a little confusing. After all, with hundreds of different firms of Devon solicitors to choose from, which firm is the most suitable for your needs?

Your Independent Guide To All Devon Solicitors

At Solicitor Devon, we can help to make your search a lot easier. Unlike many other websites, we're completely independent, impartial and not tied to any law firm.

Our database is really simple to use and contains details of every firm of Devon solicitors - all conveniently arranged by area.

Easily Find The Right Solicitor In Devon In A Couple Of Clicks!

To find details of all the solicitors in your local area, just click on your nearest town or city using the list on the left hand side of this page. You'll then see a summary of all your local law firms.

You can then click on any firms that interest you to see more information - including contact details and a handy map showing exactly where they are located.

Need Help Or Advice Before Choosing A Solicitor In Devon?

On the face of it, most firms of Devon solicitors look very similar. To help you to make the right choice, we've prepared some useful fact sheets and guides which will show you how to save time, money and get the most from any solicitor in Devon.

Finding A Good Solicitor In Devon Is Actually Really Easy

Some people can feel a little intimated about contacting a solicitor in Devon, but there's no need to be! You'll soon find out that most firms of Devon solicitors are friendly, approachable and genuinely want to help you.

If you need some help to get started, be sure to check out our Top Tips To Find The Right Devon Solicitors - you'll be amazed at how simple it is to find a good solicitor in Devon when you know the right questions to ask!


Solicitor Devon - Featured Devon Solicitors

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Tozers (Teignmouth Solicitors)

With offices in Newton Abbot, Teignmouth and Exeter, Tozers over legal advice throughout Devon.... (More about Tozers)


Gill Akaster (Plymouth Solicitors)

Having been established for over 150 years, Gill Akaster is one of Devon's oldest law firms.... (More about Gill Akaster)


Gard & Co (Plymouth Solicitors)

Gard & Co specialise in helping both businesses and individuals to solve their legal problems.... (More about Gard & Co)